lifelong relationships
Member Lifecycle

Whether it’s a member, donor, volunteer or anyone else you engage, you need to understand the give and take from their perspective – not yours. By modeling the environment, life phases and events that impact your member everyday, you can make an informed decision: when, if and how you will engage. We’ve been modeling people for ages, let us model yours.

Give & Take

You’re ready to take money and give services – but can you maximize what your members can offer when they are unable to give you money? It’s not just your volunteers and their operational support, you need to know your network’s talents, connections and availability. It all starts with an engagement model.

Learn & Mentor

Many of your members will turn to you for learning opportunities. It might be through a formal course, a podcast or a website article that your organization is used to presenting – but are you ready for your members to teach? Member value can be measured in more than donations – but only if you’re ready to take advantage of them. Your engagement model will teach you how to engage effectively.

Connect & Disconnect

When you really understand your members, you can be as confident with disengagement as with engagement. Understanding their lifecycle will empower your partnership and engender relationships. Maybe you need a disengagement model.

Specialized & Generalized Services

For too long we have shoehorned what we offer into a one-size-fits-nobody package. If the audience for your product is everyone, then it’s really no one. When we truly understand our member lifecycle, we can engage in a respectful, meaningful and valuable relationship, with the right services at the right time. Let us raise your organizational value in the eye of your members.

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