the power of partnership
Corporate Sponsorship

The traditional backbone of corporate support for non-profits is the corporate sponsorship package. Most of the time, the content of these packages just demonstrates  how little we know appreciate our sponsor needs. Today, you need to do more to compete for those dollars. We’ll show you how you can add value to your corporate sponsors in return for their support.

Expert Initiatives

You need to increase your reach and penetration. How can you be more meaningful to more people? You’ve been leaving the tactical initiatives to your membership, joint events and research. You need methodologies and metrics to know when it’s time to get involved. Let us develop your process.

Strategic Initiatives

Your members know their subject deeply – but that doesn’t make them strategic leaders that understand the role that your organization can play. You need to take hold of those initiatives that will put you at the focal point of new audiences and opportunities. We can show you how.

Member Services

Understand your member lifecycle and you can anticipate the mix of adjacent services that they’ll need. Why should they buy these services from someone else? Don’t underestimate your member loyalty. They’re experts in their own fields, let them look to you for everything else. We get it, so we can help you get it too.

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