Our Focus

Our Focus Areas

Over the last few years we have found a number of areas that our clients are focused on. Our discussions have led us to have some strong positions and ideas in these areas. We can chat about these when we connect, but we want to list them here so you can see that we’re in the same place as you and sometimes have some new things for you to think about. Consider it our restaurant’s specials menu…

  • Non-Dues Revenue in the Internet Era
  • Association Neutrality in a Social Media World
  • The Future – The BIG Unknown
  • Grassroots Volunteering in the 21st Century
  • The Challenges of Customer Centricity in a Silo’d organization
  • Digital Transformation in a Turf War
  • Membership Paradigms for a new millennia
  • Real Value to Sponsors
  • Real Value from Students
  • Member Lifecycle
  • Boards and Boredom


Focus Project Types

We want to plant some ideas in your mind about the type of work we do. This isn’t an exhaustive list, it’s really a list of buzz words that may resonate with you and give you a better idea of our competencies and experience. Have a read and if it’s not on the menu, we’ll see if the chef can rustle something up for you.

  • LISTENING – is our number one tool
  • THINKING – we’re are really good at it and we’ve been told to share that with you
  • JOINING THE DOTS – and that’s our speciality


Other things we can do…

  • Business Analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Business Planning
  • Risk Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Re-Imagining
  • Governance
  • Out-Sourcing
  • Competency Audits
  • On-Boarding
  • Due Diligence
  • Events & Conferences
  • Research
  • Project Management (PMP)
  • Operational Improvement
  • Process Development
  • Program Development & Management