Our Feedback

Here are some of the kind and generous things our clients have said about us.

Matt Loeb – CEO – ISACA

During his association with IEEE both as an employee and, more recently, as a contracted business partner, Matty has completed a number of projects and initiatives for Membership, Conferences, Marketing and Education. He has also helped me refine IEEE’s strategic thinking and approach to new business opportunities. Matty is a great listener and highly analytical in a way that enables him to effectively understand challenges and, in turn, provide workable solutions. I often describe Matty as a person who, when I start thinking about strategic topics, actually completes my thoughts.

Susan K. Tatiner, Director of Standards Education, IEEE (ret.)

Matty Rubenstein is the kind of consultant every executive searches for. Over the 5 years we worked together, he became a trusted partner I could turn to for a fresh perspective. He is both knowledgeable and a quick study in learning the specifics of your company and your project. Matty does not waste your time training him. That is invaluable, but Matty does much more: he is able to synthesize information given, analyze it against the environment, and provide recommendations that go beyond the expected. He is the only consultant I ever worked with who told me things I didn’t already know.

Elena Gerstmann – Deputy Executive Operations – ASME

When I worked with Matty, it was like I gained a few extra hours each day. He was able to become an extension of my thinking so I was able to more seamlessly execute his work product

Richard Whitney – Risk and Compliance Practice Lead – ForwardThink Group

Matty is one of the most professional and highly regarded business analysts I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my extensive career. He is an articulate, organized, self-motivated, and focused individual whose integrity and discipline has commanded accolades from his peers and clients alike. He is a strong team player who produces high quality work in whatever capacity he has been placed. He is a very quick study and one willing to pitch in to get the job done. I look forward to working with him again should our paths cross in a professional manner, but will always welcome his feedback and insight.

Robert Shinbrot – General Manager – Financial Services – Perficient

Matty is a detailed oriented individual that routinely outperforms his peers in ability to grasp new business concepts and technologies to drive forward innovative business solutions. He is clearly an asset to any organization that seeks someone with a positive and professional approach to solving business problems. Matty is a team player that works well with individuals and is extremely reliable.

Raizel Reit – CEO – TTI

As a director at TTI, Allyson’s performance and achievement were always 110%. Her ability to manage the priorities of many projects and staff while all the time communicating effectively and professionally. Allyson helped TTI to transform by introducing processes and tools which increased our productivity. I was always impressed with Allyson’s ability to work cohesively with many departments and staff members as well as outside vendors.

Nathan Green – VP of IT Solutions – SureScore

As the project manager for TTIJobs.org, what made Allyson unique was her ability to manage, prioritize and complete the complex activities required to manage the establishment of a career success center. She worked with students, employers and platform provider to ensure satisfaction and managed her team members to ensure program goals were reached.

Jill Ginsberg – CEO – TSS

When Allyson joined TSS, she very quickly learned and set about operating in the retail snack space. Her interpersonal and product skills made her indispensable at trade shows and sales meetings. Her management of promotions and advertising enabled the new product to penetrate new markets more quickly.

David Rogers – Business Technology Office – IEEE

Matty was instrumental in setting the stage for the multi-year transformation work this team is currently engaged in. He has exceptional listening skills, superior intelligence and empathy, making him the consummate ‘quick read’ on team, process and organizational challenges – in a most strategic way. I have been impressed with his ability to quickly distill large amounts of information into poignant and highly valuable insights that were clearly and relevantly articulated, helping to direct the focus of complex discussions so they were productive and fostered consensus-building. Matty and his talents were invaluable assets to our effort.

Reynold Guida – Director Information Products – IEEE

I’ve worked with Matty on a number of projects. He is very talented and brings a wonderful personality and knowledge to a team. What is most impressive about Matty is his ability to work globally and seamlessly integrate with all team members. He is an effective communicator with both internal and external partners and has the analytic skills to understand and work through diverse projects.

Phil Lorch – Business Development and Applications Director – Agilent Technologies

Matty was an excellent presenter, trainer and applications engineer for our customers interested in wireless communications. His verbal and written communication skills are excellent in areas requiring description and explanation of complex technical topics.

John Duff – PMO Architect & Consultant – HP

Matty has one of those rare combinations of technical & people skills. His dedicated & positive attitude, and knack for knowing when to relieve tension by use of humor or candor helped foster strong team relationships. At the same time, his willingness to help others think through a problem to uncover the root issues and look beyond the immediate need invariably helped drive better solutions for the organization that were pragmatic, innovative and sustainable