Knowledgic is how Executives have more than 24 hours in a day

We are a small and personal consultancy that works with you and for you. You can hand us any size project and we’ll run with it. Our clients say that we’re quick on the uptake, so you won’t waste your time basically doing the project yourself. We’ve been working in associations, large non-profits and education for a long time, and we’ve worked across almost all business functions on a wide range of projects. We’re not experts, but we’re really good. We’re personable, human and learn from everything we do. We’d like to work with and learn from you too.


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Knowledgic is a small family consultancy that has been serving clients for the last 9 years. Our experience in companies like HP, EMC Consulting, IEEE, ISACA, SIAM, TTI, JSE, Ameriprise Financial, Marsh Insurance, Merrill Lynch, Kershenbaum & Bond Advertising and a few more have given us quite a unique experience on which to draw our solutions. We are able to leverage knowledge from across many industries and also across business functions. All this gives us a pretty unique perspective, but don’t take our word for it, call us, email us, engage us in conversation. Life’s not all business, let’s see what we can learn together.

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Call Matty or Allyson on 973-862-8897 and start the conversation. Then you can decide if we’re the kind of people you want to work with.

Call a Client

Give Elena Gerstmann a call on +1 (732) 659-4376, we worked with her in ASME and IEEE. Ask her why she likes working with Knowledgic.

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at or and start a conversation with us. We’re excited to hear from you.