Engagement Lifecycle Excellence

Knowledgic is a consultancy focused on non-profit organizations like yours. We know your challenge is to move beyond a membership-donor-subsidy model. You’re looking for new revenue opportunities and more sophisticated ways to connect.

“…if you don’t engage your partners in a more sophisticated and personal way, someone else will…”

We can move your engagement model to a multi-persona lifecycle that will allow you to capitalize on what you can give as well as what you can get. You’ll proactively customize your services portfolio to meet the needs of your supporters while opening new ways for them to give. You’ll make informed decisions about when to ask and when to offer. You’ll be attuned to the changing world in which they move. It’s time to interact with your consumers, donors, volunteers and anyone else who wants to associate with you, in a dynamic, lifelong relationship.

And along the way if you need to better understand aspects of your processes or stakeholders, create events or programs to enhance your engagement, or get a vision of the future – we’d be more than happy to share our experience.

Take a look at what we’ve been doing for clients, internal and external, for over 30 years, we’d love to share what we know with you too.

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